Top ten Elementary Algebra Books

Elementary algebra textbooks are basic algebra books meant to teach students an introduction to this next level of mathematics. These are basically the same as pre algebra books among other elementary math books—those that introduce the basic theory, practice and concepts of algebra to students, so they are not daunted when they actually end up in an actual algebra class. These books vary in complexity, so those that are the most educational yet enjoyable to learn from are ideal for students just getting into the world of algebra. Below are the top ten elementary algebra books out there.

Elementary Algebra for College Students

This elementary algebra book is ideal for college students who just need some basic math knowledge or really want to brush up on their algebra foundations. It can be found online used for under eight bucks, and won’t put much of a dent in a college text book budget.

Practical Algebra

This is the ideal self-teaching guide for algebra, so people can learn it outside of the classroom, for the first time or just as a refresher. It’s also inexpensive, as it can be found online for under five dollars.

Elementary Algebra: Concept and Applications

This version of elementary algebra makes math accessible to all students out there, regardless of their true capacity for math. It can also be found very cheaply online in a used edition, costing just over seven dollars, therefore making algebra affordable for just about everyone to learn.

Elementary Algebra (3rd Edition)

This textbook meets the needs of algebra students of today by addressing individual learning styles and key math concepts, giving students all the tools they need to succeed in this subject. The 3rd edition is a great way to introduce students to the world of algebra, but due to it’s price that is thirty to one hundred and fifty dollars, buying it used for under 15 dollars makes the most sense.

Schaum’s Outline of Elementary Algebra

This is one of the more recognized elementary algebra books ever published, with 40 million students having used it over the years on their own, in classrooms and on exams. It has been proven to help the majority of students get better grades after using it and going through it’s worksheets. It’s also very inexpensive, costing a mere thirteen dollars per copy, which makes it one of the best elementary algebra books out there.

Elementary Algebra by Harold R. Jacobs

Harold R. Jacobs take on elementary algebra combines real life examples, structured exercises and humor, believe it or not, to explain this often complex and daunting subject matter. The study is self-paced, making it an ideal book to follow inside the classroom or on your own. Because of this, it is great for just about anyone who wants to learn algebra. It’s over one hundred dollars new but can be found for less than fifty used.

Elementary Algebra by George Woodbury

George Woodbury’s elementary algebra book has been built to provide students with the tools to succeed in the subject of mathematics well into the future. So not only are students learning algebra and getting a health, solid base for the subject through this textbook, but they are also learning new and unique tools which will help them considerably in the their future mathematics careers. New this book is nearly two hundred dollars but used it can be found for less than fifty.

Elementary Algebra by Charles P. McKeague

This is the ideal elementary algebra book for the lecture style of format of teaching and is also an enjoyable read for those who pick it up and aren’t in a classroom. However, it’s also expensive to buy new priced at hundreds of dollars so it makes more sense to just buy it used or rent it for about twenty dollars.

Elementary Algebra 5th Edition

This 5th edition of elementary algebra gives you all the tools you need and more to learn the daunting subject, as well as strategies to solve problems that are unlike any other elementary algebra guide out there. It’s a very intensive, integrated learning process which will set you up to get into the world of algebra in the near future. However this book is hundreds of dollars to purchase, so you may just want to buy it used or rent it.

Basic Math & Pre Algebra Workbook for Dummies

There are For Dummies guides to just about every subject on the planet, so it should be no surprise there is a elementary algebra guide out there as well. This is a simple, to the point explanation of everything you need to know to get into the world of algebra, along with helpful workbooks which will allow you to practice your skills. This book is available for just over sixteen dollars new and just under nine dollars used.