Top Ten Applied Math Books

Applied math is able to cover a lot of areas of math to ensure that you have built a quality foundation to present various other principles. It’s important to look at applied mathematics book reviews to ensure you know what to expect out of a book, such as applied math worksheets as well as how the information is presented so that you can benefit from it.

As you look for the best applied math books, you will be able to find them in paperback and hardback as well as in electronic formats so that you can choose the way in which you want to read the content.

Common Core Math Workouts

This applied mathematics book is designed for people who are in grade 7. Each of the pages provides two workouts – a skills practice as well as one for applying problem-solving skills. This can help people to cover more content than what the teacher is presenting to prepare for tests and to get a deeper understanding of the content.

Doodle Yourself Smart

This is a math book along with a doodling pad as a way to help you relax when you are trying to solve problems. You can free your mind and draw your way through some of the most difficult concepts so that you can figure out the concepts of math once and for all.

Math Word Problems for Dummies

This Dummies book for applied mathematics provides a lot of problem-solving questions and how to take a new look at it. It’s a reference that’s designed to be simpler than the average textbook to break down the concepts and make sure that you know what’s going on. This covers probabilities, percentages, proportions, and various other applied math concepts.

Math Study Skills Workbook

Applied math worksheets are abundant throughout this book. You get 144 pages worth of content, which includes the ability to work on many applied math problems. Through the book, you can identify strengths and weaknesses by going through the problems. You can then focus on a learning style that works for you.

Abacus Mind Math

If you have an applied math exam coming up, this book is designed for teachers and parents to provide a step by step guide to working in mind math and taking a look at how the abacus has been able to help students throughout the years. Carry-over problems are a primary focus.

Math Fundamentals 4

For anyone who just needs a little reminder to boost test scores and gain more confidence, this is a pamphlet as opposed to a book. It provides an overview of all of the main applied math concepts to go over graphs, statistics, and more so that middle and high school students get the help they need without being overwhelmed by a large book.

Applied Mathematics Books for the Real World

Business Math Basics

Many people find it hard to find the relevance of math subjects when in school. This applied math book takes the content at a different angle by showing real world applications. It is designed as a book for business owners and managers to understand how to do the math that they will come across on a daily basis to be more successful.

Culinary Math

This book is designed for the real world and can help chefs and various other people who are part of the culinary world. You can learn the math concepts that will help you to make measurement conversions for recipes, understand food cost, cost out your menu, and much more so that you can be more successful. It was written by the Culinary Institute of America.

Math for Nurses

Nurses need to understand math and this book is written for the health care professional of today. This can help with dosage calculations to ensure that patients are getting the right amount of medication and various other applied mathematics concepts to ensure that everything is covered. The book is in its third edition and has a lot of great information inside.

Math on Trial

This book takes the angle that math can be deadly when it falls into the wrong hands and goes on to describe how it can be used and abused within the courtroom. The right calculation is critical and there is a focus on applied math as well as 10 trials that used math within the arguments and how it was misused as evidence.