Top Ten 1st Grade Math Books

Children either love or hate math. As a parent your teacher it is your job to encourage a love of math in children. Math is one of the most important “subjects” a person will use throughout their lives.

When you are teaching your child or student math you have a few traditional options the standard 1st grade math textbooks, which are always used in a classroom, with home schooling and to help the child improve their math skills. You also have the option of using 1st grade reading books, these books are designed to allow the child to read and solve 1st grade math problems in a fun way.

Both 1st grade math textbooks and 1st grade reading books are the best tools to teach and help a child learn and improve their math skills. You can also try and make math fun by using an incentive program; this is especially helpful for working with your child on their math skills during the summer months.

Spectrum Math, Grade 1

The Spectrum first grade math book is used in classrooms across the United States. With this book students learn to apply the most essential math skills used in everyday life. The lessons are perfect for kids in first grade. The book helps kids to strengthen their math skills by concentrating on counting from one to 100, place value, greater than & less than, learning to tell time and so much more. The book has a large selection of activities and it also helps to expand upon analytical abilities and problem solving and the book provides easy to understand directions.

Summer Fit Kindergarten to First Grade

This is a great book not only does it include math problems it has reading, writing, nutrition, fitness, and language arts all rolled up into one great book. The book is designed to help children transitioning into first grade. It prepares them for what to expect in their next grade level – first grade. It uses historical role models such as; Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman to reinforce all the subject matters listed above. Best of all it also comes with digital downloads!

Daily Math Practice, Grade 1

This is a great book to help the student practice their first grade math skills. The book includes the following; adding, subtracting, column adding, two digit adding and subtracting, three digit adding and subtracting, number sentences, and word problems. It is a colourful book of math fun!

DK Workbooks: Math, First Grade

This math book is filled with exercises and illustrations to help children grasp the concept of basic math. It includes adding, subtracting, column adding, two digit adding and subtracting, simple fractions, and multiplication. The math book has 60 pages of math problems to help the student learn or improve their math skills.

Scholastic Success With: 1st Grade Workbook: Math Reading Writing Grammar Maps

This award winning 416 page book offers students math, reading, writing, and map learning. When it comes right down to it all of these subjects go together and Scholastic has found a colourful, illustrated way to make learning all of these subjects fun and show kids how they all come together as a team for learning.

Word Problems Grade 1

This book is designed not only to teach kids math but to help them teach themselves. Being able to teach yourself something is very rewarding. This math and reading book allows kids to addition and subtraction problems using word problems. The book has 80 pages of fun math problems accompanied by reading and great illustrations.

First Grade Super Math Success

In first grade children get their real first taste of math. It is important that they enjoy math from the very beginning to be successful. This math book is a three in one style book. The book includes the following math concepts; graphs & charts, operations & numbers, and solid & plain shapes. The book is filled with fun, illustrated puzzles to help the child learn all of the above.

Grade 1 Addition

This book is great for children who are tackling one type of math at a time. We have several more workbooks just like this one, which tackles one type of first grade math individually. Our workbooks are colourful and full of illustrations to help kids learn and have fun at the same time.

Playskool 1st Grade Multi Skill Workbook

This book is great for kids, it offer more than one type of math skill set. It has illustrations, puzzles and fun activities to help kids learn first grade math skills. They will actually enjoy spending time working on math with this book.

Go Math: Standards Practice Book, Grade 1

Go math is a fun book filled with math adventures that will keep kids occupied and learning for hours at a time. The math book includes all of the basic first grade math lessons such as adding, subtracting, numbers, and times tables. Kids will love this math book!