The Top Ten Finite Mathematics Books

The best finite mathematics books are simple and lay out directly clear-cut techniques to performing mathematical analysis. Math should leave students with a valuable learning experience, the ability to organize information they’ve leared and finally to think analytically. The top ten finite mathematical books include:

Finite Mathematics & Its Applications (10th Edition)

Finite Mathematics & Its Applications is very easy to understand. It does an excellent job of explaining answers to problems. There are plenty of exercise sets and it has an online program for homework and additional study material. It’s available on Amazon as a finite mathematics hardcover and in loose leaf format.

Finite Mathematics (10th Edition)

This is one of the most popular finite math books due to its accessibility and use of real world data in understanding various concepts. It easily covers matrices, linear equations, linear functions and programming. Every section in the book is clear enough to allow students to begin work on practice problems without much instruction. Pearson finite mathematics can also be purchased as a finite mathematics paperback.

Finite Mathematics

This book is an excellent college math book. It helps students to understand the usefulness of finite math through analyzing and problem solving. The various concepts in the book have a clear approach and the computations aren’t intimidating. Plenty of detail is given allowing students to learn in steps how to solve problems. It contains hundred of examples and practice exercises. It’s available as in hardcover and as finite mathematics ebook.

Finite Mathematics: An Applied Approach

This is one of the most well-written and easy to follow finite mathematics hands down. The goal of finite mathematics by Michael Sullivan is to integrate new material and techniques, which spark student interest. It has step-by-step examples, practice sets and learning objectives in each chapter. The style is engaging and practical. Finite mathematics an applied approach is available in ebook, hardover and loose leaf formats.

Finite Mathematics

Who said that math had to be boring? This book is very easy use and replaces boring themes with updated real-world applications. Answers to the exercises are conveniently located in the back of the book. And the overall goal is to enable students to have an real relationship with math that makes sense. Instructors can decide how much technology they want to include in the coursework. There’s an accompanying website and a range of course formats.

Finite Mathematics & Its Applications (11th Edition)

This updated version is still great at explaining topics and also has new applications, exercises and its technology driven. Health statistics are a new topic for discussion and there are even more study tools than before. Students are encouraged through the use of up-to-date topics and examples. It’s available as a finite math ebook and in a hardcover format. Pearson finite mathematics publishers continue to produce books that are comprehensive yet simple.

Finite Mathematics and Calculus with Applications (8th Edition)

This book continues to receive great finite mathematics review due to its ease in combining relevant, real world applications with current data sources. Students majoring in business, economics and management will find it to be a useful resource. It includes MyMathLab, a complete online course as an add-on. Some key topics discussed are linear functions, linear equations, The Gaphical Method and The Simplex Method just to name a few.

Finite Math and Applied Calculus

This is a concise and comprehensive finite math book. There are tons of practice problems and they relate to everyday situations for easy understanding. The applications are based upon data from the social sciences, life sciences, economics and business sectors. TI Graphing Calculator instructions are included throughout and it’s aimed at helping students to easily grasp and understand finite mathematics.

Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences

Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences provides clear step-by-step instruction for solving problems and plenty of examples. Tan has written this book in a way that takes the intimidation out of the math. The theory is solid and it’s great for all majors.

Finite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences (12th Edition) (Barnett)

Barnett covers model building, matrix algebra, linear programming and logic in a way that understandable and unique. It’s very reader friendly and addresses the challenges associated with understanding finite math. It also transitions from subject to subject in a concise and clear manner.