The Top Ten 9th Grade Math Books

The way that the educational systems do math these days are very different from 30-50-years ago when math seemed so simple. Yet, educators everywhere say that if a child is good in math and science this is where the job market is heading. Frequently we hear of children failing math because they just do not understand the math system these days. Parents and grandparents are not the least bit surprised. Many children of all ages chant, “I just cannot do math, I am no go at it.”

Contrary to what many children and young adults believe, everyone does have a potential for being a great math student. Students need to understand that there is a multitude of ways to solve a problem. There are many good books on today’s market for the ninth grader. The following are ten of some of the best math books for the 9th grade student.

1. High School Math Common-Core Geometry Practice/Problem Solving Workbook for Grade 9/10

The author of this book is Prentice Hall and according to reviews of this book. Rates of a 3.3-5 stars are available on this book. This book sells for a reasonable price of $7.23 new editions and $7.77 used editions.

2. Basic Mathematics For Grade 9 Algebra and Geometry: Graphs of Basic Power and Rational Functions

This ninth grade algebra and geometry book earns a 5.0-5 stars as a very popular book. Price lists as @20.67 for new editions and $23.94 for used editions. The author is Tesfaye Lema Bedane.

3. Lifepac Mathematics 9th Grade

This 9th grade math book sells for $51.55 new editions and $45.00 used editions. This is a boxed set and has 10 student workbooks. The set carries an in-depth teacher’s guide. Included in this math set is Math Lifepac curriculum, drills repetitions and applications. It teaches problem solving that increases student’s progressions to a higher level. Students learn reasoning and analysis.

4. Algebra Survival Guide Workbook: Thousands of Problems To Sharpen Skills and Enhance Understanding

This 9th grade algebra book rates 4.2 out of 5 stars with a list price of $5.56 for a new edition and $4.00 for a used book edition. Author is Josh Rappaport

5. Lifepac Mathematics for 9th Grade

Lifepac Mathematics sells rates as a 4.3 out of 5 stars. New editions sell for $51.55 and used editions sell from $45.00. Lifepac has 10 work textbooks for students. Included in this set is a teacher’s guide. The Lifepac Mathematics system includes repetition, drills curriculum and applications. This system ensures the student masters basic skills. This system allows students to progress to a higher-level of reasoning and analysis as their ability to problem solves increases.

6. The Humongous Book of Geometry Problems

This 9th grade geometry book, authored by W. Michael Kelley sells for $18.95 used edition and $9.00 to $11.00 new editions. This system includes the teacher’s addition. This book is available in two formats. This book written for students, confused about mathematics on a whole, becomes clear to those students challenged in mathematics.

The author wrote this book to appear as a workbook full of geometry and solved problems. The author made notes in the margins and added steps to simplify the concepts of mathematics. Students no longer have to use a trial and error method to solve mathematics problems.

Students gain a clear understanding of how to interpret and solve problems anytime any problem presents in their course of study. This system presents to the student over 1000 problems and solutions with clear explanation of each problem and then showing an increased ability to fill in missing steps to reach the correct solution. There are no other books such as this on today’s market. This system has available calculus and algebra available.

7. Holt McDougal Algebra1, Geometry and Algebra 2

This 9th grade high school mathematics curriculum assists grades 9-12. This system includes the teacher’s addition. This student book empowers students like no other mathematics book on the market. This book enables students to grab a hold of the core skills they need to develop a firm mathematics foundation.

This book helps the student to develop a better understanding of common state standards. The next student editions offer to the student a deeper understanding of the specific strategies and concepts of Mathematics and help the student to understand the Standards of Practice in Mathematics. This system offers online editions for the high school mathematics student. This 9th grade math book online sells for $76.94 new and $73.09 used editions.

8. Explorations in Core Math Grades 6-12

This book is for grades 6-12 and offers a complete system for Common Core State Standards with real-world applications. Students are able to gain a superior understanding of the concepts of mathematics. During study, students follow the Common Core Curriculum and Standards for Mathematical Practice. As students gain an improved understanding of mathematics they are, able to do the math, understand the math and explain with full understanding what the steps were to arrive at their answers. New book editions sell for $59.94.

9. On Core Mathematics Grade 6-12

This book developed for grade 6-12, helps the student go from the Common Core State Standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice to real-world applications. This book helps students understand how to do the mathematics problems and explain what steps they took. This book assists the student in applying and increases their critical thinking skills.

10. 2013 Switched on Schoolhouse, 9th Grade, and Grade 9 Math Curriculum by Alpha and Omega Home Schooling

This 9th grade, math book, pdf sells for $99.95, new edition. This system reports to hold the child’s attention and makes homeschooling fun and easy. Switched on Schoolhouse CD is fully loaded and ready to teach. This system helps parents to keep easy records of scores, grading, and assignments. This system saves parents time in teaching thus allows for more one on one time with the child. There is less paperwork. Videos allow children a close look at the subject. Switched on Schoolhouse allows for much more in this system to make teaching easy for parents.